Brazen works with leading global private equity firm Berkeley Assets, which has headquarters in London and Dubai, with a 360 approach to controlling the firm’s narrative in the media and on social.

Like Brazen, Berkeley Assets does things differently, and doesn’t function like a traditional PE firm.

Since working with Berkeley Assets Brazen has conceptualised a members group for the retail arm, a tangible club where members can enjoy the firm’s offerings beyond placing capital.

In addition, the PR team runs a press office which includes B2B and B2C tactics, with profiling of partner Omar Jackson who’s trailblazing and entrepreneurial mindset has led the firm into new directions.

Trailblazing Results

Total pieces of coverage – 40+ with a reach of 70m

The team have secured regular features in Entrepreneur Middle East and a successful Novus launch event which saw Esquire ME, Arabian Business and The National attend.

Its social channels reflect the same and whilst it still provides followers with up to date trends and reports in the pe field, it also reflects what it means to be a member of Novus and Berkeley Assets